Maa, Mati, Manush Government to revive English education, Govt schools will have English medium sections
February 15, 2013

The West Bengal State Government takes an initiative to revive the English education in State which was deprived of English education at the primary level during the 35-years of misrule of Left Front. West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee has always stressed on the need to have English education in the State.  

This had a severe impact on the students who were confined to a vernacular medium.  Since they did not get an exposure to English, many among them found it difficult to interact with their counterparts outside West Bengal.

The initiative taken by the State Government is indeed commendable and one can expect it would gradually open the doors for the students in the State and will end to this crisis, though it may take some time before things are put in places since the Left Front completely ruined the education system in Bengal. The State Government has decided to initially introduce the new system by starting nearly 42 pre-primary English medium sections in Government schools and will increase in the due course of time.  

State Education Minister said initially the English education will start from first to 10th standard in these schools. At least on school in every district will impart the English education. The Education department will ensure that there is an English medium pre-primary section in at least one school in each district of the State.

When on one hand the State Government is emphasizing on revival of English education, at the same time, it does not forget the importance of Bengali education too. The English medium schools in districts will have Bengali sections in their school. According to officials, a detailed survey was conducted and it was found that these schools were capable of teaching in both the languages.

The State Government takes the initiative to increase enrollment in schools and recruit new teachers.
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