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2:16 PM > National President Mr. Abhishek Banerjee gives the concluding speech, he thanks all for coming and expresses hope that Trinamool Yuva will become the platform for youth willing to join politics and work for the country.  

2:11 > Trinamool Congress Chairperson and Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee says, I will give you a new slogan and would like you to always say `Maa, Mati, Manush Zindabad` and `Maa, Mati, Manush Dhonnobad`.  

2:05 PM > Trinamool Congress Chairperson and Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee requests all to clasp their hands in `nomoshkar` style while singing the National Anthem. `I want to teach you all that when ever you sing National Anthem, please clasp your hands as this is a mark of respect towards your country`.   

1:50 PM > Trinamool Congress Chairperson and Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee greets for Durga Puja and says that she is hopeful that the new platform will see many new leaders in the making. `I will meet you again when I will take your session, I would like to interact with you all as I want to know what you are thinking and how you look at politics`, says Trinamool Chairperson.  She also gives her best wishes to National President Mr. Abhishek Banerjee and Trinamool Yuva.  

2:07 PM > The programme came to an end with the unique rendering of the slogan in a rhythm by the Trinamool Congress - `ei aaschey kara, jachhey kara...aamra kara, monchey kara...`  The entire Netaji Indoor Stadium joined Didi in this unique rendering of the slogan in a rhythm.  

1:44 PM > Trinamool Congress Chairperson and Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee concluded with the famous quote `You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time` by  Abraham Lincoln. `I would like to say only this much to those engaged in false propaganda to be careful as you may not be able to get along with it each time, I am not not against healthy criticism but I will not accept false and concocted propaganda which you are doing to malign the government. I want you to stop this immediately`, added   Ms. Mamata Banerjee.    

1:38 PM > Trinamool Congress Chairperson and Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee told the youth to feel proud that they belong to Bengal and have respect for the great people this state has ever produced. `I would request you to have similar respect and affection for the motherland as you have for your own mother. Remember, the motherland holds an important place in our lives and we need to show our respects `. 

1:34 PM > Trinamool Congress Chairperson and Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee suggested a project to be carried out in the villages, `I want you to pick up youth willing to work and train them who will then visit villages and take stock of the situation and also ask about the problems and difficulties. I want Derek O`Brien to chock out a detailed plan. We can formulate a project after the plan is complete`. 

1:26 PM > Trinamool Congress Chairperson and Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee says, `Those who are under estimating the Trinamool Congress now will be surprised to see Trinamool Congress taking emerging as the strongest political party in the coming days`.  

1:19 PM >  Trinamool Congress Chairperson and Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee says that her foremost concern is the interest of Maa, Mati, Manush and she will never compromise. `I want you all to make it a point that if you join politics you should not forget the interest of the common man. I would like you always keep `manush` (people) on top of everything, they should not be harassed or taken for granted. True politician is one who realize the strength of common man`.

1:08 PM > Trinamool Congress Chairperson and Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee addresses the gathering, congratulates Trinamool YUVA for holding the convention. `I want you all to realize the strength of youth, also I want more participation as we need leaders to build a healthy society. I also want the women to join in and be a part of the Trinamool Yuva. In today`s modern times women are doing everything and exhaling too. Why not you, come in large numbers and join Trinamool Yuva`.

1 PM >  Trinamool Congress Chairperson and Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee arrives. Immediately after coming she greets all and takes her seat. Ms. Banerjee discusses important issue with Mr.  Derek O`Brien.

1:11 PM > Noted Theatre personality Ms. Arpita Ghosh also complimented National President and Yuva on holding the State Convention. She thanked the Maa, Mati, manush government for bringing the change and congratulated Ms. Mamata Banerjee.  

12:34 PM > State Finance Minister Dr. Amit Mitra congratulates National President and Yuva team. Dr. Mitra says, `I would like to draw your attention to the work that has taken place in the state under the able leadership of Chief Minister in these few months. You all will be stunned if I start sharing my experiences`. Minister complimented Chief Minister for taking the initiative to make VAT registration fully computerized. `I would also like the youth to take inspiration from Ms. Banerjee who works 24 X 7. She do not keep work pending for next day` added Dr. Mitra.

12:44 PM > Trinamool MP Mr. Sudip Banerjee congratulates the National President and rest of the team of the Trinamool Yuva, `I am glad to have been able to come here today. I want more participation of the youth in politics. I will inform Abhishek as he can take Yuva members in groups to New Delhi to watch proceedings of the house as this will enable them to develop the interest and also have the hang of the proceedings and how Parliament functions`. `The political scenario in Delhi is gloomy when Ms. Banerjee abstain from any discussion but picture is just the opposite when she attends any meeting like the one she attended a few days ago at Prime Minister`s residence`. 

12:38 PM > Trinamool MP Mr. Mukul Roy congratulates National President Mr. Abhishek Banerjee on organizing the convention and said that he would like to see more and more young people to join politics. He says, `Today if any politician has a clean image and deserves all the respect and admiration for being clean is undoubtedly Ms. Mamata Banerjee`. 

12:32 PM > Industry Minister Mr. Partha Chatterjee asked the youth to read the life of Ms. Banerjee which is full of struggle and get the inspiration from her life. Narrating his experiences of Nandigram, the Minister says that Ms. Banerjee was running from pillar to post and trying to talk to those who were victimised. She was always up ahead to face the difficult situation and still remained calm. `I feel Mamata`s life can become a research subject for the students of History`, says Mr. Chatterjee. 

12:28 PM > West Bengal State Urban Development Minister Mr. Firhad Hakim says, `I would say that the CPI(M) is doing an anti propaganda against the Trinamool government trying to pull back the ongoing development in the state. I want to request you all and the youths in particular to protest against this in every way you can`. The Minister suggested that youth should take active part in political activities since there is a need for good party workers. `I want you to counter on facebook, twitter and all social media, even at tea stall where such discussions takes place`, added Mr. Hakim.  

11:50 AM > Trinamool Congress MPs Mr.  Derek O`Brien turns to MP Mr. Subrata Bakshi for his reaction. Mr. Bakshi shares his experience from the day when of July 21st when Calcutta Police, under Left Front Government mercilessly opened fire and killed 13 innocent activists. Youth Congress supporters under the leadership of Ms. Banerjee, then West Bengal State President of Youth Congress had organized Writers` Abhijaan (march towards Writers` Building) in demand that the `Voters` Identity Card` be made the only valid document to verify voters. In that scuffle 13 workers were killed and Ms. Banerjee was brutally beaten up by police. This day is observed as `Martyrs` Day` each year. 

11:47 AM > State Industry Minister says, `I have known Mamata since the college days and even during then I saw a fire in her. She would not accept any wrong or CPI(M) goons committing atrocities on fellow students. I have always found her confronting head on and standing up for justice`.   

11:44 AM > Trinamool Congress MPs Mr.  Derek O`Brien takes the stage and announce that he will be going to all the leaders one by one and would like them to narrate their experiences they had shared during the long association with Ms. Mamata Banerjee. He turns to Industry Minister Mr. Partha Chatterjee to share his experiences.  

11:28 AM > Trinamool Yuva National President Mr. Abhishek Banerjee welcomes all. He says, `Trinamool Yuva will work for the development of Bengal under the leadership of Trinamool Chairperson Ms. Mamata Banerjee. He request the youth to get inspiration from the simplicity and philosophy of Ms. Banerjee who always maintain the interest of Maa, Mati Manush above all. `Please remember that CM also mean Common man`, says  Mr. Abhishek Banerjee.

11:24 AM > Trinamool Congress MPs Mr.  Derek O`Brien  takes the stage and congratulates the National President Mr. Abhishek Banerjee. Mr. Derek O`Brien expresses his happiness to be here on this grand day and wishes all the best to Trinamool Yuva. 

Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee inaugurates 1st State Convention of Trinamool YUVA 

National President of  All India Trinamool YUVA  addresses the 1st State Convention

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